Probation Cop – Code of Silence – Target: Teens

Probation Cop Accountability does not only mean that the public must see the perpetrator of misdeeds disciplined for his or her behavior but also any accomplices before or after the fact must also feel the consequences of their actions.  The discipline of the accomplices must also be public so that community members can have faith Read more about Probation Cop – Code of Silence – Target: Teens[…]


Connecting the dots: Abusive doctors continue to practice

 Megan Twohey’s article “Doctor? Sexual abuser? Or both.” in the Tribune on Sunday June 20th shows just how dangerous it is for citizens to blindly trust oversight agencies to do their jobs, even for doctors.  What is the alternative?:  providing citizens with the access they need to connect the dots for themselves and their fellow Read more about Connecting the dots: Abusive doctors continue to practice[…]


Accountability – CPD Officers – and the MATRIX

The biggest problem facing accountability within a police agency is often the culture.  Either the culture is one that nurtures an atmosphere where officers do not tolerate misdeeds by fellow officers or there is a culture, which is present in the CPD, where everyone turns their heads and ignores the misdeeds.  The current culture within Read more about Accountability – CPD Officers – and the MATRIX[…]


Open Letter to Will County State’s Attorney James Glasgow

Requirements for an Elected State’s Attorney One of the most important requirements of a prosecutor is to serve as a check on pernicious practices in use by police officers in the interrogation room.  Mr. Glasgow, you laid bare your complete ignorance into the circumstances and interrogation practices that lead to false confessions in your press Read more about Open Letter to Will County State’s Attorney James Glasgow[…]


Preventable Victimization and Inside-Outside Homicides

Megan Twohey’s recent expose on Bruce Smith, a Chicago-area gynecologist accused multiple times of sexual assault, and the absolute disregard for those allegations from the criminal justice system has produced some justice.  It was not until after the expose that the Chicago Police Department (CPD) and the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office (SAO) sought a Read more about Preventable Victimization and Inside-Outside Homicides[…]