Jerome Finnigan

“Once a model cop, now the dirtiest.”

With the latest revelations that Chicago Police Officer Jerome Finnigan was plotting to kill another officer the Sun-times has seen fit to publish an article, Suntimes Article “Once a model cop, now the dirtest.” on Sunday September 30, 2007 talking about how Finnigan was a model officer that turned bad. I guess a simple question Read more about “Once a model cop, now the dirtiest.”[…]

11 Questions for Jody

11 Questions for Jody Weis

Recently I have spent time consuming as much of the media coverage surrounding the appointment of Joey Weis as possible.  From the little I was able to glean from the coverage in the Chicago media Weis talked much more about philosophy rather than specifics.  A dangerous development because Weis is being charged with halting abuse Read more about 11 Questions for Jody Weis[…]