Accountability – CPD Officers – and the MATRIX

The biggest problem facing accountability within a police agency is often the culture.  Either the culture is one that nurtures an atmosphere where officers do not tolerate misdeeds by fellow officers or there is a culture, which is present in the CPD, where everyone turns their heads and ignores the misdeeds.  The current culture within[…]

Aaron Harrison

Information and the Aaron Harrison Shooting

The lack of access to justice related information in Chicago and Cook County is nowhere more highlighted then in the officer involved shooting death of Aaron Harrison. Will we ever have an unbiased account of what happened in the alley of the Westside neighborhood of North Lawndale? No. However, the practices and policies of the[…]

Bad Apples

Just a few bad apples?

Recent disclosures about four Special Operations Section SOS officers being arrested for their “on the job activities” brings back memories. The memories are of the elite gangs units the CPD had in place to combat gangs, drugs and guns. Those units were closed down because Officer Joseph Miedzianowski was uncovered to be using his position[…]

Who did that

Who did that? What was that name? Why are there never names to go along with the actions?

In a recent Chicago Tribune article dated Sunday, August 27, 2006, details about the harrowing couple of days leading up to Christina Eilman’s tragic fall from a CHA building were revealed. The article discloses some intimate details of the parents and Eilman’s personal struggle to get medical attention for Eilman. The reporting on this issue[…]