More Faux CPD Transparency

Fran Spielman, where is the list?  You know real transparency is not the head of the CPD making clout related promotions available just to officers. It needs to be available to the public also. Otherwise we are reliant on journalists like you to get quotes from those opposed and against the promotions and pass that[…]


Mayor rudderless on police reform

Mr. Mayor, where is your plan? The 13-month Department of Justice investigation is complete and the report is in. They lay out 99 recommendations for improving policing in Chicago. The DOJ report follows the report of your own Police Accountability Task Force with its own set of 126 recommendations. Some of those you’ve tried to[…]


Chicago Police Board Reforms Pass City Council

For the first time in 50 years the Chicago Police Board will see reform come to their operations through a ordinance passed by the city council. The reform includes: Term Limits: No board members can be reappointed to the Board after serving more than 10 years in their lifetime.  This results in three current members[…]


CJP’s Executive Director Tracy Siska’s Statement on Illinois 4th District Appellate Court Decision

The ruling in Gekas v. Williamson, 04-08-0733, greatly expands the public’s ability to validate the processes used by police departments to investigate citizen complaints.  On July 20th, Appellate Judge Thomas R. Appleton speaking for the three-judge panel, correctly stated that there is a significant public interest in maintaining the ability to validate the appropriateness of[…]

Cop Fired

What does it take to get a cop fired?

Lack of access to criminal-justice-related information hinders the ability of public access to the actions of the criminal justice agencies and their agents. Few Chicagoans have heard of the Chicago Police Board, let alone have a working knowledge of how it operates. Yet this organization plays a significant role in the process of removing abusive[…]