Gangs: Television Coverage, Violence, and the new RICO law

Isn’t the definition of insanity repeating the same actions and expecting different results?  If so, then the Chicago media sure is insane. Check my reasoning: Every year, following a spike in violence, the media goes crazy with coverage demanding action to stop these crimes from happening again. They also demonize, rightly and wrongly, street gangs[…]


Change in Government Must Include Change in Media Practices

The major problem with the crime statistics for the last couple decades in Chicago is that they have been used as tools – by both the police department and the media – to manipulate the public.  Neither has used the statistics responsibly, and over the last several years we have seen an unprecedented misuse of[…]

Most Reprehensible Aspect Uncovered by MGT Fervor

When any single agency within the criminal justice system fails us, it is important that we look to assign responsibility beyond the confines of that single agency.  Why? Because there is a dialectical relationship between every agency.  There is little doubt that the quality of work of the Office of Emergency Management and Communications (the[…]

risk elimination

7 vs. 61 – Risk Elimination, Fear Mongering, Victimization, and the Press

With all the press on the Meritorious Good Time Push (MGT) program that was just recently halted by Governor Quinn there has been no discussion about what purpose is really served by incarcerating someone for 61 days rather than just 7?  The reporting makes you think that the individuals who recidivated would not have done[…]