Mayor rudderless on police reform

Mr. Mayor, where is your plan? The 13-month Department of Justice investigation is complete and the report is in. They lay out 99 recommendations for improving policing in Chicago. The DOJ report follows the report of your own Police Accountability Task Force with its own set of 126 recommendations. Some of those you’ve tried to[…]

Police Lights

CJP’s Take on Creation of COPA and Public Safety Inspector General

Last week, the City of Chicago passed the most comprehensive change to the police accountability system since at least 1960, if not ever. The new ordinance created the Civilian Office for Police Accountability, a new group tasked with the investigation of civilian complaints against Chicago Police officers, overseen by the Deputy Inspector General for Public[…]


Chicagoland Review – 10 points on Episode 2 & 3

CJP’s latest installment in our running review of “Chicagoland,” CNN’s ‘docudrama’ on our fair city. 1.  Context:  It was verified in episode two that there just is not going to be any context whatsoever to the events covered by Chicagoland. It seems the producers picked a spot in time to turn the cameras on and[…]