513 Murders in 2012 – Caused by 50 Years of Failed Economic Policies!

There are consequences for decades of failed political and economic policies that play out in the lives of the people of color throughout Chicago. The crime and violence problems in Chicago cannot be solved by the criminal justice system alone, no matter how much propaganda that denies this fact that is put out by our[…]


Hiding Secrets Amidst Transparent Promises – Classic Daley and CPD Behavior!

With the turnover occurring in the higher ranks of the Chicago Police Department (CPD) I thought it prudent to look at a forgotten battle going on in the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals. The results of the case in question, Diane Bond, can be reviewed here, Kalven blog. A case is currently pending before the[…]

Reform & Responsibilityq

Daley, Devine and the Propaganda of Reform and Responsibility.

The last 12months have seen remarkable activity in the area of reform in the criminal justice system in Chicago.  The only problem, the moves are once again directed to make you think reform is taking place rather then instituting true reform.  Devine and Daley have taken several public steps to instituting faux reform that will[…]


The appointment of J.P. “Jody” Weis

In three parts. 1. Chicago has a long history of appointments to important jobs either being filled with politics, or race and politics. Daley’s recent selection of J.P. Weis as his candidate to fill the position of Superintendent of the Chicago Police Department (CPD) is filled with race, politics, and more. For those believing that[…]