Interrogation Practices

Illinois Torture Inquiry and Relief Commission, Better as a Truth Commission?

Last week, Illinois Governor Pat Quinn signed legislation creating the Illinois Torture Inquiry and Relief Commission, Public Act 096-0223.  The creation of this commission, sponsored by Illinois State Senator Kwame Raoul, came about as a direct response to the twenty-year period of police torture of African American men under Commander Jon Burge. Any attempt to[…]


To Evaluate an Agency within the System You Must Examine all the Agencies.

There is a presumption by the citizens of Chicago that when the Chicago Police arrest an individual and the complainant follows through with their role that charges, prosecution, and hopefully convictions are soon to follow.  The reality is this impression is nothing more than an impression and that access to data that could be used[…]

Interrogation Practices

CPD, Burge, & Current Interrogation Practices

The news this week that former Police Commander Jon Burge has been indicted on federal charges nearly thirty years after the alleged crimes is very important.  This long overdue prosecution exposes the striking, continuous, and deliberate refusal by the accountability departments within the agencies, policy makers, the media, and the courts, to focus their attention[…]


Cover-up or true separation of power?

The Special Counsel, appointed by Presiding Criminal Court Judge Paul Biebel, authored a letter to the Criminal Justice Committee of the Cook County Board. Edward Egan and Robert Boyle, the lawyers appointed by Judge Biebel to investigate the 20 years of allegations of torture at the hands of Chicago Police Detectives, authored this letter. You[…]