Learning from the Reaction to Weis

Superintendent Weis’ tenure with the Chicago Police Department is winding down as the chorus calling for his resignation grows louder.  It is critically important that the new mayor learn from the reaction by the old guard within the Chicago Police Department and the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) leadership. (This opinion editorial was submitted to[…]


Hillard – Weis – Warm Weather

 “”Progressive communities can fix things early on,” Heintze said. “The question is whether the department is trying to identify rogue operations or dysfunctional management.” Hillard added, “If they see a problem, they have to be very aggressive. They need to address the kinds of issues that can bring a chief down.”  Frank Main, Sun-Times, Sunday[…]


January Round-Up

I believe Chicago Police Superintendent Jody Weis when he stated in the Sun-Times that the motivation behind dropping the test is about racial disparities involved in outcomes.  What I think people are failing to connect with this proposal is the really low number of officers hired over the last couple of years.  Exact figures are[…]


Weis’ Tunnel vision: Looking forward only will doom CPD to repeat past mistakes

There are significant differences in the way the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Chicago Police interact with the world.  The FBI swoops into and out of communities with little to no consideration of the consequences to the community/FBI relations.  This is the exact opposite to how an urban policing agency operates.  An urban[…]

Special Operations Section

Mobile Strike Force a.k.a. SOS 2, someone call Patrick Fitzgerald!

The recent news that Chicago Police Superintendent Weis is considering reviving the disgraced Special Operations Section is very troubling.  Ongoing Investigations initiated by both Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office and US Attorney’s Office in Chicago have yet to be completed and Weis has somehow determined that the unit at the center of the various investigations[…]

Assault Rifles

Chicago Police, Assault Rifles, & No Demonstrable Need!

The decision by Mayor Richard Daley and Police Superintendent Jody Weis to deploy assault weapons on the streets of Chicago has been made without providing a demonstrable need for the weapon.  Over the last several weeks, the Chicago Justice Project has made inquiries to find out what information the Chicago Police Department used to make[…]


The appointment of J.P. “Jody” Weis

In three parts. 1. Chicago has a long history of appointments to important jobs either being filled with politics, or race and politics. Daley’s recent selection of J.P. Weis as his candidate to fill the position of Superintendent of the Chicago Police Department (CPD) is filled with race, politics, and more. For those believing that[…]