Alderman O’Shea Clears Cops Months Before Investigation Completed

There is no way that Alderman Matt O’Shea (19th) was going to let an ongoing investigation in to an officer involved shooting prevent him from declaring the shooting justified. That’s right folks months before the official investigation in to the shooting is complete a brave alderman stood up and declared the shooting justified. Just don’t[…]

Cop Fired

Who maintains IPRA’s data? Not IPRA.

It turns out IPRA – the civilian police accountability organization – does not maintain control over their own data and must seek CPD assistance in accessing the data IPRA creates & stores in the CPD’s CLEAR database system. The Independent Police Review Authority (IPRA) recently admitted to the Chicago Justice Project that they do not[…]

Cop Fired


We replicated the FOIA we sent to IPRA regarding accessing digital stored data related to complaints against officers for a single month. On Monday January 12th, CJP filed a FOIA request with the Chicago Police Department seeking all data held maintained by the CPD related to complaints filed against officers to the Independent Police Review[…]


“Justice” in the police accountability system in Chicago?

In a recent conversation with a colleague about the police accountability system in Chicago and all of its failings, we stumbled upon a question that I cannot get out of my head:  how to define “justice” within the police accountability system in Chicago? I believe that those who bring forward legitimate complaints to the accountability[…]

True Agenda

Separate Messages. One True Agenda

To fully make sense of an agenda that is at the heart of the actions of an institution you first must consider all the actions of the institution that are simultaneously taking place. In the case of the City of Chicago I am talking about how they are beating a consistent drum of openness when[…]

be careful

Be careful what you wish for

Daley has once again outsmarted his critics by removing the Office of Professional Standards (OPS), the office that investigates civilian complaints against Chicago Police officers, from being part of the Chicago Police Department. Daley authored an ordinance that was introduced at the Chicago City Council hearing on Wednesday, May 9. This is similar to what[…]