FOIA Seeking CPD Staffing Analysis

On September 26, 2016 the Chicago Justice Project send the following request under Illinois’ Freedom of Information Act to the Chicago Police Department. Our request seeks to propel the Chicago Police Department to produce a copy of the “top to bottom analysis” they claim to have completed and that was the basis for Mayor Emanuel’s[…]

PoliceOfficers Standing

Police Staffing Studies

Access the 2010 Chicago Police Department’s manpower study and a collection of links for police staffing studies available online from across America. Here we provide a list of links to police manpower and staffing studies from around the United States. The jurisdictions range from small towns to large cities. If you want to read a[…]

Cop Fired


We replicated the FOIA we sent to IPRA regarding accessing digital stored data related to complaints against officers for a single month. On Monday January 12th, CJP filed a FOIA request with the Chicago Police Department seeking all data held maintained by the CPD related to complaints filed against officers to the Independent Police Review[…]


NATO & All the Unanswered Questions

Well Chicago, the long awaited NATO summit is almost upon us.  With all of the reporting surrounding the closing of streets and the disruptions to everyday life, little attention has been paid to what is coming Chicago’s way and whether or not the Chicago Police and their allies are ready for even a relatively light[…]


Pot Arrests as Important Tool for CPD or Useless Waste of Money and Resources

It is imperative that communities understand the police arrest for purposes other than prosecution. Chicago has been the beneficiary of some recent great reporting (link 1, link 2) by Ben Javorsky and Mick Dumke regarding the seemingly meaningless arrests made for low levels of marijuana possession by the Chicago Police Department.  The reality is that[…]


Separating facts from fiction

On Tuesday night I appeared on Politics Tonight on CLTV with Pat Camden, spokesman for the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP), and Tio Hardeman from Ceasefire.  The topic of discussion was Superintendent McCarthy’s move to redeploy 500 officers from the Targeted Response Unit (TRU) and the Mobile Strike Force (MSF).  This was a real chance[…]


Criminal Justice System is Failing Us

The opaque manner in which our criminal justice agencies operate in Chicago and Cook County is failing community members.  It’s imperative that our criminal justice agencies operate in the best interests of public safety above all else, yet both the Koschman case and the case involving the two officers from the 23rd district who sexually[…]


Chicago Media on the Violence in Chicago

It would be nice if the media did their jobs to separate fact from fiction and urban myth.  One thing the Chicago media is very good at is being an echo chamber for accusations and rumor rather than taking that material in and comparing it to the facts to see if there is any validity[…]