More Opinion Worth Lot Less Than She Thinks

Once again, we have a self-declared expert on Chicago’s violence. This time it is gaming industry attorney and former candidate for Cook County State’s Attorney Donna More. She authored an OpEd in the Chicago Tribune on Wednesday March 8 that jumps on the bandwagon to support another equally uninformed opinion, that of Bob Milan. More’s[…]


New FOIA Verifying SAO Practices

On Tuesday March 7, 2017 the Chicago Justice Project filed the following request for records under Illinois’ Freedom of Information Act with the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office (SAO). Unfortunately our FOIA lawsuit has dragged on for over a year now and despite the promise of Kim Foxx taking the office in December we have[…]

Garry Mccarthy

Why we are suing the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office

Today, the Chicago Justice Project—a 9-year-old nonprofit with the mission of increasing transparency in Chicago and Cook County justice systems—filed a complaint in Cook County Circuit Court (2016-01-29 Chicago Justice Project_s First Amended Complaint) against Anita Alvarez and the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office for repeatedly refusing to fulfill their obligations under the Illinois Freedom[…]

State's Attonrey

Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office FOIA – Felony Review

This FOIA request is the start of CJP’s campaign to open the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office’s data for public access. Here we request data related to 5 years of Felony Review cases. In our efforts to open access to the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office (SAO) we have initiated a campaign to use Illinois’[…]

State's Attonrey

Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office FOIA – Felony Prosecutions

This is CJP’s 3rd request to the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office under Illinois’ Freedom of Information Act in our 2015 FOIA Campaign. In this request submitted via email on Thursday May 28th we requested the following records be provided to CJP in digital format: Please provide CJP all the data created/stored/retained by the Cook[…]


Crime & Punishment Release

We are proud to announce the release of Crime & Punishment!  This is a flat data site that community members, journalists, and policymakers can use to learn about what data is and is not available from their justice agencies.  This site is set up to allow you to follow a case as it would normally[…]


NATO & All the Unanswered Questions

Well Chicago, the long awaited NATO summit is almost upon us.  With all of the reporting surrounding the closing of streets and the disruptions to everyday life, little attention has been paid to what is coming Chicago’s way and whether or not the Chicago Police and their allies are ready for even a relatively light[…]


Chicago Media on the Violence in Chicago

It would be nice if the media did their jobs to separate fact from fiction and urban myth.  One thing the Chicago media is very good at is being an echo chamber for accusations and rumor rather than taking that material in and comparing it to the facts to see if there is any validity[…]


Anita Alvarez v. Journalism Students

Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez’s efforts to shoot the messenger (Northwestern University Journalism Students) rather than heed the message (information that a man might be wrongfully incarcerated for three decades) demonstrates that Alvarez’s administration will be nothing more than what we have grown to expect from than the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office (CCSAO).[…]


The Data Vacuum that is the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office

Inherent in a democracy is the responsibility of its citizens to carefully monitor the actions of the government officials that are acting on their behalf.  For citizens to fulfill this role governmental agencies must make the data they collect publicly accessible. This is usually done through the most routine and least empowering means, an annual[…]