Convicted In Cook Release!

This site analyzes 5 years of conviction data from the Circuit Court of Cook County.  We are proud to announce the release of Convicted In Cook! This site was created in partnership with the Smart Chicago Collaborative and FreeGeek Chicago. This site offers the first of its kind deep dive into five years of conviction[…]


Crime & Punishment Release

We are proud to announce the release of Crime & Punishment!  This is a flat data site that community members, journalists, and policymakers can use to learn about what data is and is not available from their justice agencies.  This site is set up to allow you to follow a case as it would normally[…]

Jefferson Tap

Jefferson Tap Fight and the Unbelievably Naive Interpretation of Typical CPD Behavior

On April 29th Associate Cook County Circuit Court Judge Thomas V. Gainer, Jr. handed down what can only be categorized as a truly incredible ruling. Gainer’s ruling on the Jefferson Tap bar fight involving police officers relies on an implausible interpretation of events, which in reality, constitute hard evidence of the existence of the “blue[…]


Cover-up or true separation of power?

The Special Counsel, appointed by Presiding Criminal Court Judge Paul Biebel, authored a letter to the Criminal Justice Committee of the Cook County Board. Edward Egan and Robert Boyle, the lawyers appointed by Judge Biebel to investigate the 20 years of allegations of torture at the hands of Chicago Police Detectives, authored this letter. You[…]


The Cannon saga continues…

On Wednesday, November 23rd, Darrel Cannon was granted a new parole hearing before the Illinois Prisoner Review Board by order of a Cook County Judge. This hearing will determine if Cannon will be released from the Illinois Department of Corrections. Cannon finds himself incarcerated for violating the terms of his parole from a 1973 murder[…]

Illegal Detention

Illegal Detention (Part 1 of 5)

The Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals handed down a very important decision on September 22 in the case of Joseph Lopez v. City of Chicago, and Chicago Police Detectives Jennifer Delafont, Daniel Jacons, and Hector Vergara, 01 C 1823. This decision clearly states without much ambiguity that the police, in this case the Chicago Police,[…]