Fact Checking Bill Daley’s Violence Solution

Everyone seems to have a solution to Chicago’s violence these days, despite not much familiarity with the issues beyond the headlines and certainly beyond academia’s leading research. The latest entrant: Banking magnate and former U.S Commerce Secretary Bill Daley. He authored an OpEd in the Chicago Tribune on Wednesday March 1. Let’s fact-check Daley’s letter[…]


Gorner Really Worried About Police Morale

For some reason unknown to me Jeremy Gorner seems really worried about the morale of the rank and file Chicago Police officer. On Friday he published his latest article on the topic titled “Police: Morale still low, emboldening criminals and contributing to violence”. The only thing that is really clear in the article is neither[…]

Violene Against Women Event Invitation

Documenting Violence Against Women: Justice Begins with Truth

Join Steve Edwards, from the Institute of Politics at the University of Chicago, as he moderates a discussion among journalists, advocates for survivors, and criminal justice leaders, for a discussion about violence against women, its news coverage, and the potential for increased data access to impact the public discussion. This event is Sold Out! The[…]


Passing stenography off as analysis based journalism

Reprinting numbers provided to you by the CPD’s media department is not “conducting an analysis,” it is being a stenographer. I am always amazed at the propensity of our local newspapers to splash headlines across the front page of their papers for stories everyone already knows about, were originally reported years ago and repeated many[…]


Connecting the dots: Abusive doctors continue to practice

 Megan Twohey’s article “Doctor? Sexual abuser? Or both.” in the Tribune on Sunday June 20th shows just how dangerous it is for citizens to blindly trust oversight agencies to do their jobs, even for doctors.  What is the alternative?:  providing citizens with the access they need to connect the dots for themselves and their fellow[…]


Patterns and practices: I think we might have one here?

 The key to oversight of a police agency is being able to identify practices within the agency that reach across the breadth of the agency and result in outcomes that negatively impact both the agency’s mission and the safety of the citizenry.  The agencies in Chicago tasked with oversight of the Chicago Police Department for[…]