Spielman Continues Staffing Myth

It is pretty clear that the Sun-Times as an organization has made up its mind about whether or not we are “short” police officers. The latest propaganda piece is from Fran Spielman and is titled “Can Emanuel deliver on his promise to hire more police?”. Once again the reporting is really short on facts and[…]


“Justice” in the police accountability system in Chicago?

In a recent conversation with a colleague about the police accountability system in Chicago and all of its failings, we stumbled upon a question that I cannot get out of my head:  how to define “justice” within the police accountability system in Chicago? I believe that those who bring forward legitimate complaints to the accountability[…]


Chicago Police Board Reforms Pass City Council

For the first time in 50 years the Chicago Police Board will see reform come to their operations through a ordinance passed by the city council. The reform includes: Term Limits: No board members can be reappointed to the Board after serving more than 10 years in their lifetime.  This results in three current members[…]

Chicago Police Board

The Chicago Police Board: “Suffering from a Crisis in Credibility”

On Oct. 27th the Chicago Justice Project released a report titled “Chicago Police Board: A Ten-Year Analysis”.  Our report was an analysis of ten years of cases and their resulting decisions from 1999-2008. In response to our report the Chicago Police Board President Demetrius  Carney (pictured here) has stated that the Superintendent of the Chicago[…]

Cop Fired

What does it take to get a cop fired?

Lack of access to criminal-justice-related information hinders the ability of public access to the actions of the criminal justice agencies and their agents. Few Chicagoans have heard of the Chicago Police Board, let alone have a working knowledge of how it operates. Yet this organization plays a significant role in the process of removing abusive[…]


Officer William Cozzi & the Chicago Police Board

The Chicago Justice Project (CJP) is dedicated to increasing the public’s access to criminal justice related information. To that end, CJP has used Illinois’ Freedom of Information Act to obtain copies of all the publicly accessible documents involved in the hearings held by the Chicago Police Board (CPB) in the Cozzi case. To find copies[…]