Sleeping Officers, DNA Submission Act, Summer Theater, National Guard, DUI Credibility

Below is video from a report that aired on Channel 7 news on Friday April 23rd.  It contains video taken by a citizen of two officers in separate cars sleeping while their partners are in Seven Eleven drinking coffee and talking.  For those that are not able to recognize where the officers are in the[…]


Inside Kevin Fox’s Appellate Court Decision

The sexual assault & murder of three year-old Riley Fox followed by the subsequent arrest and attempted prosecution of her father, Kevin Fox, for the her murder was tragic.  Last week the United States Court of Appeals of the Seventh Circuit handed down their decision in the appeal of Kevin & Melissa (Kevin’s wife and[…]


Hillard – Weis – Warm Weather

 “”Progressive communities can fix things early on,” Heintze said. “The question is whether the department is trying to identify rogue operations or dysfunctional management.” Hillard added, “If they see a problem, they have to be very aggressive. They need to address the kinds of issues that can bring a chief down.”  Frank Main, Sun-Times, Sunday[…]