Patterns and practices: I think we might have one here?

 The key to oversight of a police agency is being able to identify practices within the agency that reach across the breadth of the agency and result in outcomes that negatively impact both the agency’s mission and the safety of the citizenry.  The agencies in Chicago tasked with oversight of the Chicago Police Department for[…]

Issue Brief: General Assembly Attempts Rollbacks of Public Access Law

Illinois’ General Assembly quickly and quietly introduces and passes legislation to bar the public access to their government. Issue Brief published March 2010. Full version of the issue brief available here Statement from the Executive Director: State legislatures play a crucial role in determining the public’s ability to access records and data produced by their[…]

learning institution

Public Bodies as Learning Institutions can Reduce Litigation Costs

 In my testimony to the Chicago City Council Committee on Police and Fire back in December, Alderman James Balcer spoke about the need for tort reform to reduce litigation costs associated with civil suits against the Chicago Police Department.  I tried to respond but was told promptly “that was not a question and that I[…]

sexual assault

Lack of Reliable Sexual Assault Numbers

The mere idea that anyone, including the agencies of our criminal justice system, has a real grasp on how often women are sexually assaulted in our city is nonsense  In fact the real decisions about how many sexual assault complaints end up in the final numbers are significantly impacted by decisions made in the shadows[…]