Testimony from Illinois DJISC Hearing

Evidence to indicate a disproportionate application of the criminal justice system against communities of color is readily available by looking at the racial composition of both Cook County Jail and the Illinois Department of Corrections.  This cause of this disproportionate application of the laws in Illinois, most specifically drug laws, most certainly is caused to[…]


Callahan, Abbate, & Why Access Facilitates Understanding

On Friday February 12th I was asked to comment for a CBS 2 Report on the sentencing of Chicago Police Officer Gerald Callahan.  Try as I might I failed to get across what I believe the main point that needs to get communicated to policy makers and community members about the sentencing of Callahan.  I[…]


January Round-Up

I believe Chicago Police Superintendent Jody Weis when he stated in the Sun-Times that the motivation behind dropping the test is about racial disparities involved in outcomes.  What I think people are failing to connect with this proposal is the really low number of officers hired over the last couple of years.  Exact figures are[…]