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On Wednesday the 16th, I attended an event at the Institute on Public Safety and Social Justice at the Adler School of Professional Psychology.  The title of the event was “Attention Felons: Chicago’s Project Safe Neighborhood”, (PSN). One of the speakers at the event was Dr. Andrew Papachristos, who co-authored the evaluation of the project[…]


The Data Vacuum that is the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office

Inherent in a democracy is the responsibility of its citizens to carefully monitor the actions of the government officials that are acting on their behalf.  For citizens to fulfill this role governmental agencies must make the data they collect publicly accessible. This is usually done through the most routine and least empowering means, an annual[…]


CPS $30 Million Plan: Are They Preventing or Altering Victimization?

In understanding victimization and the typical institutional response to these incidents one must look closely at whether the response is addressing root causes for violence or altering who the victim will be.  A clear example of this is the Chicago Police practice of placing Police Observation Devices (POD) cameras at intersections and street corners where[…]

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Mental Health Clinics Closing – Guaranteeing Future Violence

Long-term violence reduction strategies are to be found in the social fabric of our communities and not in our criminal justice system.  Our criminal justice system is reactive and is not built to be proactive, i.e., they respond to violence and for the most part do not prevent violence.  Prevention plays out in our ability[…]