Interrogation Practices

Illinois Torture Inquiry and Relief Commission, Better as a Truth Commission?

Last week, Illinois Governor Pat Quinn signed legislation creating the Illinois Torture Inquiry and Relief Commission, Public Act 096-0223.  The creation of this commission, sponsored by Illinois State Senator Kwame Raoul, came about as a direct response to the twenty-year period of police torture of African American men under Commander Jon Burge. Any attempt to[…]

west side

Mary Mitchell: Linking North Side Policing to South and West Side Crime

In her column on Sunday, Sun Times columnist Mary Mitchell attempted to link issues involving a recent crime spree on the north side of the city to the violence on the south and west sides of Chicago.  An interesting perspective in many respects, but Mitchell still makes traditional mistakes all too often found in the[…]

Illinois Municipal League

The Illinois Municipal League and Their Bad Argument Against a Weak FOIA Law

This week both the Tribune and Sun Times ran editorials urging Governor Quinn to sign Illinois Senate Bill 189.  This bill is the new version of the Freedom of Information Act that was authored primarily by Attorney General Lisa Madigan.  This bill is far from one that could be considered representative of the best practices[…]

plummeting crime

Chicago Left Out of the Plummeting Crime Rates Discussion

These articles detail the fact that the continuation of violence reductions seen across the country in the 1990s and early 2000s are continuing in many of this country’s major metropolitan areas. New York being a city of nearly three times the population of Chicago may have less total murders this year than Chicago. Los Angeles[…]