What does an epidemiologist know about reducing violence in Chicago?

This post is the final in a five part series examining the anti-violence program CeaseFire.  The first four parts of the series covered: The Illinois Auditor General’s audit of CeaseFire finannces, Northwestern’s evaluation of CeaseFire, media’s coverage of the program, and the role race plays in the defining of effectiveness of the program.  Today’s post covers the issue[…]


CeaseFire – Effectiveness, and the role race plays in determining the definition?

If you have been keeping up with my series you know that little in the way of true evidence has been brought forward to validate the assumptions made by CeaseFire administrators and other program backers. This has not stopped the Chicago media and academia from eagerly joining the chorus of individuals and institutions calling for[…]

Irresistibly Delicious Story

Ceasefire as an Irresistibly Delicious Story! (Part III of IV)

The Chicago media and their reporting on the anti-violence program Ceasefire. Part III in a series. In today’s installment we take a closer look at the reporting from the Chicago media on the issues surrounding the re-initiation of State funding of Ceasefire. In previous installments we have examined in detail the audit of Ceasefire’s handling[…]