Social Science as a Disaster

Social Science as a Disaster – Northwestern’s Evaluation of Ceasefire (Part II of IV)

This blog is part II of a multi-part series discussion issues surrounding the re-funding of the anti-violence program Ceasefire.  You can check out  the previously posted blog titled “The Audit of Ceasefire…..(Part I in a Series)”  You can also find every documents mentioned in the series available in PDF format in FOI Center.  Part III[…]


The Audit of Ceasefire….. (Part I in a Series)

One of the goals of the Chicago Justice Project is to enhance public discourse on issues where an open public discussion has been lacking or on issues where the discussion requires a greater degree of factual evidence. Nowhere is this more needed than in the discussion to re-fund the antiviolence program Ceasefire. Gary Slutkin, the[…]