be careful

Be careful what you wish for

Daley has once again outsmarted his critics by removing the Office of Professional Standards (OPS), the office that investigates civilian complaints against Chicago Police officers, from being part of the Chicago Police Department. Daley authored an ordinance that was introduced at the Chicago City Council hearing on Wednesday, May 9. This is similar to what[…]

Area Two Gun Team

Area Two Gun Team and the culture of responding with willful blindness

On December 15, 2006 there was a fight at Tap Grille located at 323 N. Jefferson St. in Chicago. This bar fight resulted in some significant injuries to one group that was involved in the fight. One of the wounded individuals, according to published reports, needed to have facial reconstructive surgery. No significant injuries were[…]

Cline's resignation

What is the real story behind Cline’s resignation?

With all the reporting many very important clues to how the accountability systems work in the criminal justice system in Chicago have been overshadowed by a video of a single officer beating a white women. I will try to decipher the three major incidents behind Cline’s actions and detail the larger context issues that the[…]

Devine's scare tactics

Devine’s scare tactics & the mounting costs of corruption in the ranks!

1. Channel 7 News recently did a story on the budget cuts proposed by Cook County Board President Todd Stroger. The story quotes Cook County State’s Attorney Dick Devine saying that if his office were required to accept the budget cuts, then his office would be forced to accept more plea bargains. This was Dick[…]


Raises, Cuts — we need data!

Do prosecutors really deserve the pay raise Cook County State’s Attorney Dick Devine claims they do? Or should they be burdened with the budget cuts Cook County Board President Todd Stroger demands of the office? Decisions are made on a daily basis that burden the system with no tangible results for public safety, unless repressing[…]


Lopez’s Appeal (Part 4 of 5)

The United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit handed down a decision on September 22, 2006 in the case of Joseph Lopez v. City of Chicago, and Chicago Police Detectives Jennifer Delucia, James Daefont, Daniel Jacobs, and Hector Vergara. You can read about the basis for the appeal here, Part I. In their[…]


The Cannon saga continues…

On Wednesday, November 23rd, Darrel Cannon was granted a new parole hearing before the Illinois Prisoner Review Board by order of a Cook County Judge. This hearing will determine if Cannon will be released from the Illinois Department of Corrections. Cannon finds himself incarcerated for violating the terms of his parole from a 1973 murder[…]